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Our Curriculum

For: 3-5 Year old Children

Lunch Club

For Pound Ridge Community Church Nursery School Students only: Extend your child’s day with an extra hour to have lunch & socialize with friends.

Afternoon Enrichment Classes

Our preschool Enrichment Classes provide children with a lunch period to share with friends, a class with a specialist and time with friends in a classroom setting. Our enrichment program is designed to stimulate the mind and spark the imagination with hands-on, exciting educational activities using familiar centers, play and work areas.

We offer classes in a variety of subject areas. In order to encourage a child’s curiosity, we will explore new ideas and interesting concepts. We provide opportunities in a social setting for children to broaden their knowledge base and increase their understanding of the world around them.

Opportunities for both individualized learning and large group experiences occur naturally in this multi-age setting. The wide range of activities will nourish self-confidence, concentration, cooperation and respect for others.

Pound Ridge Course Offerings and Weekly Schedule



Pre-K Readiness and Messy Math

We offer a variety of developmentally appropriate learning activities. Our Pre-K readiness class offers a variety of focused activities. We will reinforce concepts and work on developing skills: fine and gross motor, language and vocabulary. Each class will focus on a theme with quality literature, a coordinated activity that could include: a game, or an art experience.

We will develop emerging literacy skills: the alphabet, counting and number recognition from 1-20, and journal writing activities. We will begin to work on reading readiness skills, small motor and pre-writing skills and early mathematical concepts with our preschoolers!

The children will be provided with a packet each week to promote interest in writing, letters and numbers. A binder of their work will go home at the end of the year.


Great Indoor Fun and Sports With Coach Chris

Coach Chris is certified in all core sports. The children will be taught the fundamentals of each sport through age-appropriate drills with an emphasis on fun. The program consists of Soccer, T-ball, Baseball, Basketball and movement/agility drills. Each week, he will introduce a different sport with the intent of playing simulated games. The goal each week is to introduce various drills every 5-7 minutes to build CONFIDENCE. Coach Chris will build on the previous week, throughout the program. As a result, you will notice the improvement in your child’s balance, coordination, independence, confidence and agility.

Coach Chris encourages as much participation as possible from the children and as a result the class is a great means for each child to exercise, strengthen their core, improve their eye/hand coordination and develop their arm strength as well. Classes held both indoors and out.


Art Around The World - NEW!

Art is found all over the world in many different forms! Each country has a different way of producing and displaying their art. The children will learn about a variety of art forms, specific famous artists, culinary arts and food from endless countries! There is so much to explore virtually and learn from all cultures and countries worldwide.

It is important to incorporate a diverse learning program for young children. This allows each child to learn about art, history, culture, and other nationalities of people they will encounter throughout life. Learning and exploring different countries gives children and inside look that the world is bigger than just The United States.


Never Stop Moving 365 - NEW!
Our NeverStopMoving365 signature class “mindfulness movement” practices age and developmentally appropriate gross motor skills such as running, galloping, hoping, balancing, total body strength skills, simultaneously with breathing skills, yoga poses, meditation, visualization and so much more. Our team of youth exercise specialists are educators first and emphasize school readiness concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers and letters throughout our mindfulness movement activities. Kids love to move it with NeverStopMoving365.


Science and Nature

Our Nature program we seek to foster an appreciation for and love of nature by inviting children to explore the world around them through hands-on, outdoor, experiential learning. In so doing we hope to inspire the young people of today to become environmentally responsible and conscientious citizens of tomorrow. Children learn in a variety of settings, indoor and out, and spend much of their time behind eyepieces of binoculars, running behind a butterfly net and crawling on their hands and knees with eyes peeled on the ground. Some experiences include painting a “pet rock” building a nest and keeping a nature journal.

Our science program is designed to inspire your child to enter the world of exploration and discovery. Hands-on experiments will comprise the bulk of this part of the program. These experiences will help them to explore, understand, and appreciate the world around them. Explorations in color mixing, “erupting” a volcano, and magnets will be some of the activities. The program will introduce the children to the world that exists just outside their range of vision.

Schedule, Calendar & Rates



Pound Ridge’s Schedule

The Enrichment/Lunch Clubs will begin the week of:
October 3, 2022-May 19, 2023
3 sessions per semester.

Lunch Club Times

Three-Year-Old Class: 11:30-12:30
Four-Year-Old Class: 11:45-12:45

Extend your child’s day with an extra hour to have lunch & socialize with friends.
Lunch Club is For Pound Ridge Community Church Nursery School Students only:
$20.00 per day $200 per session

Enrichment Times Classes

3’s attend 11:30-2:00 pm
4’s attend 11:45-2:00 pm

Pricing and Registration



1 day $395.00 per session
2 days $790.00 per session
3 days $1,185.00 per session
4 days $1,580 per session
5 days $1,975 per session

Bedford Learning @

Pound Ridge Community Church 
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Susan Ross Teacher/Director

[email protected]

During School Hours: 914-774-2182

After School Hours: 914-242-2024


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Susan Ross Teacher/Director

[email protected]

During School Hours: 914-774-2182

After School Hours: 914-242-2024


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