Where Learning Is Second Nature.

Where Learning Is
Second Nature.

Where Learning Is
Second Nature.

We Offer Afternoon Enrichment Classes & Summer Programs

All designed to stimulate the mind and spark the imagination.

For Preschool Aged Children.



St Matthew’s Church

Pound Ridge

Community Church 

The Bedford Learning Center afternoon enrichment classes provide children with a lunch period to share with friends and class time with a specialist in a classroom setting. We provide opportunities in a social setting for children to broaden their knowledge base and increase their understanding of the world around them. 

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Our Curriculum

Tinkering and Engineering with Literature

It is our belief that early exposure and getting kids excited about STEM, will help prepare them for future life challenges.

Nature Explorers and Super Science

Our Nature program we seek to foster an appreciation for and love of nature by inviting children to explore the world around them through hands-on, outdoor, experiential learning.

Art Smarts

By creating art and looking at it, children gain an understanding of composition, balance, and symmetry. We will learn about different mediums or a famous artist each week and create our own masterpieces.

Messy Math

We will explore size, quantity, symbols, language, symmetry, angles, sorting, measurement, shape, and patterns. On nice weather days, we will use our outdoor space to create and to explore

NEW Little Passports

Little Passports is a geography-based adventure class designed to inspire young travelers to learn more about the world. A package will arrive from a different country each week. It will include cool activities about different cultures and major landmarks, art, coins, animals, souvenirs, stickers, photos and a letter from our friends Sam and Sofia.  We will teach the love of travel without ever leaving the classroom.

Little Passports - A Cooking Class

A fun-filled introduction to cooking, geography and global exploration for preschoolers. Join the adventure as we “travel” through our community and explore New York, the United States and the World.

Creative Movement

Children will discover the joy of responding with their whole selves to instruments, song, dance, and movement. Taught by talented early childhood specialists.

Once Upon A Story

Our literature program is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the exciting world of children’s literature. Children’s books have long been proven to stimulate, expand and nurture the imagination. Books expose children to a wide variety of characters and experiences and help bring stories to life. 


Pre-K Readiness (Bedford)

We offer a variety of developmentally appropriate learning activities. Our Pre-K readiness class offers a variety of focused activities. We will reinforce concepts and work on developing skills: fine and gross motor, language and vocabulary.


Pre-Kindergarten Readiness (Poundridge)

 We will cover the alphabet, counting and number recognition from 1-20, and lots of writing activities. We will begin to work on reading readiness skills, small motor and pre-writing skills and early mathematical concepts with our preschoolers!

Never Stop Moving 365 - New!

Our NeverStopMoving365 signature class “mindfulness movement” practices age and developmentally appropriate gross motor skills such as running, galloping, hoping, balancing, total body strength skills, simultaneously with breathing skills, yoga poses, meditation, visualization and so much more.

Art Around The World

Art is found all over the world in many different forms! Each country has a different way of producing and displaying their art. The children will learn about a variety of art forms, specific famous artists, culinary arts and food from endless countries! There is so much to explore virtually and learn from all cultures and countries worldwide.


What Our Families are Saying

“They love your program so much I cannot thank you enough for providing such stimulating, entertaining and educational activities.”

“Thanks! My daughter came home talking about Claude Monet like he was some guest visitor that came to your class today :-). She is really enjoying Art Smarts!! “
“Thank you for putting on a wonderful science enrichment program. Our son enjoyed his extended days and the curriculum kept him engaged and excited to learn. Have a great summer and see you next year”
“We were at the Moma this weekend and we were amazed by our 4-year old’s son interest in artwork.”
“My daughter is enrolled in this enrichment program two days a week. I am thrilled with the results!!! I highly recommend this educational opportunity for any child in our community.”

“Our daughter talked about you so much when we were in Italy — she had a blast sharing her knowledge about Michelangelo when we were roaming the streets of Pietrasanta – my in-laws were blown away (you got full credit :-))! You really made an impact! She kept hoping we would see you :-). “

“Thank you so much for everything you did this year for our son. He had an amazing experience in your program and learned so much. He would come home talking nonstop about all the fun projects and work you did together. The amount of thought and creativity that you put into each day is incredible and I feel so lucky that he got to be a part of it. “

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After School Hours: 914-242-2024


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